Prayers of Confession of who I am in Christ - No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and eve
Prayers for Blessing and Favour - Lord, bless me and keep me. Make Your face to shin
Prayers concerning the Heavens - I am sitting in heavenly places in Christ, far abo
Prayers for Enlargement and Increase - Break off of my life any limitations and restricti
Prayers of Renunciations - I renounce all lust, perversion, immorality, uncle
Prayers in Christ - I am called in Christ (Romans 1:6). I have redemp
Kingdom Prayers and Decrees - Your kingdom come; Your will be done (Matthew 6:10
Prayers Releasing the Fire of God - Your throne, O Lord, is like a fiery flame (Daniel
Prayers to Command our Day - Prayers to Command the Morning, the Day, and the N
Prayers Releasing the Sword of the Lord - I release the sword of the Lord against the powers
Prayers to Release the Arrows of the Lord - I release the arrow of the Lord's deliverance
Breaking Curses and Casting-Out Generational Spirits - Original source: Apostle John Eckhardt's book
Prayers Annulling Ungodly Covenants - I break and disannul all ungodly covenants, oaths,

Prayers for Divine Safety and Protection - I cover myself, my family, and my possessions with
Prayers to Release the Arm of the Lord - No one has an arm like You, Lord, full of power an
Prayers Releasing the Power of God - Lord, release Your glorious power against the enem
Prayers Releasing the Power of the Blood - Releasing the Power of the Blood: Cover my mind a
Warfare Prayers - Warfare Prayers: Lord, teach my hands to war and
Prayers to Rout out demons - Let every plant that my Father has not planted be
Prayers against Satan - Satan, the Lord rebuke you (Zechariah 3:2). Get t
Prayers for Rebuking the enemy - Satan, the Lord rebukes thee (Zechariah 3:2). Let
Prayers Speaking to Mountains - I speak to every mountain in my life and command i

Prayers for Quenching the fire of the enemey - I quench with the shield of faith every fiery dart
Prayers for Breaking Curses and Releasing the Blessings of God - I am redeemed from the curse through the blood of
Prayers to Overcome Satanic and Demonic Conspiracies - I loose confusion against every satanic and demoni
Prayers over High Places - Lord, You created the high places for Your glory.
Prayers over Gates - Through Jesus let me possess the gate of the enemy
Prayers against Idols and Idolatry - Let any idol in my life or nation be destroyed and
Prayers that Destroy Oppression - I rebuke and cast out any spirit that would attemp
Prayers for Breaking the Power of Schizophrenia and Double-Mindedness - I bind and rebuke every spirit that would attempt
Prayers and Decrees which Break the Powers of Darkness - Let the Assyrian be broken in my land (Isaiah 14:2
Prayers for Closing Breaches and Hedges - I close up any breach in my life that would give S
Prayers for Destroying eveil Cauldrons (Pots) - I rebuke and destroy every wicked cauldron in the
Prayers for Destroying Yokes and removing Burdens - I remove all false burdens placed on me by people,

Prayers against Demonic Princes - Jesus, You have cast out the prince of this world
Prayers against Levithian and Marine spirits - O Lord, break the heads of the dragons in the wate
Prayers against Jezebel - I loose the hounds of heaven against Jezebel (1 Ki
Prayers for Dealing with Spirits of the Desert - I speak to every desert in my life or ministry in
Prayers against Demonic Horsemen - Let the horse and rider be thrown into the sea (Ex
Prayers against Spirits of the Valley - I bind and cast out all spirits that would attempt
Prayers for dealing with Spirit birds - I bind and rebuke any unclean and hateful bird sen
Prayers for Deliverance from Lions - I rebuke every lion that would stoop and couch dow
Prayers for Deliverance from Serpents - Lord, bruise the head of every serpent that would
Prayers for Deliverance from Flies - I bind and rebuke Beelzebub, the lord of the flies
Prayers for Deliverance from Animalistic Spirits - I am delivered from the wild beasts of the deser
Judgement against the Adversary - O Lord our God, the Most High God, Maker of heaven

Prayers for Self-Deliverance - I break all generational curses of pride, rebellio
Prayers for Prosperity and Financial Release - I break all assignments of the enemy against my fi
Prayers for Healing and Health - Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive me for spiritual
Prayers of Deliverance - Keep my soul, and deliver me (Psalm 25:20). Be pl
Prayers for Deliverance from Evil - Deliver me from evil (Matthew 6:13). I pray that
Prayers for Deliverance and Renunciation of Sexual Sin - I renounce all sexual sin that I have been involve
Prayers for Angelic Deliverance - Let Your angels ascend and descend upon my life (G
Prayers against Terrorism - I bind and rebuke every red eagle of terror that w
Apostolic Prayers - Father, keep me from all evil (John 17:15). San
Prayers for Binding and Loosing - I have the keys of the kingdom, and whatever I bin
Prayers Releasing Shame upon the Enemy - Let the enemy be ashamed and sore vexed. Let them
Prayers for Souls - All souls belong to You, O Lord (Ezekiel 18:4). L
Prayers for your Nation - I pray for the leaders of my nation to come to the