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Through Jesus let me possess the gate of the enemy (Genesis 22:17).

Establish the gates of praise in my life (Isaiah 60:18).

I release battering rams against the gates of hell (Ezekiel 21:22).

The gates of hell cannot prevail against me (Matthew 16:18).

Let the gates of my life and city be open to the King of glory (Psalm 24:7).

Open to me the gates of righteousness that I may enter in (Psalm 118:19).

Strengthen the bars of my gates (Psalm 147:13).

Break the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron (Isaiah 45:2).

Open before me the gates, that I may go in and receive the treasure of darkness and hidden riches of secret places (Isaiah 45:1–3).

I rebuke every enemy in the gates (Psalm 127:5).

Let all the gates of my life and city be repaired through the Holy Spirit.

Let the valley gate be repaired (Nehemiah 2:13).

Let the gate of the fountain (represents the flow of the Holy Spirit) be repaired (Nehemiah 2:14).

Let the sheep gate (represents the apostolic) be repaired (Nehemiah 3:1).

Let the fish gate (represents evangelism) be repaired (Nehemiah 3:3).

Let the old gate (represents moves of the past) be repaired (Nehemiah 3:6).

Let the dung gate (represents deliverance) be repaired (Nehemiah 3:14).

Let the water gate (represents preaching and teaching) be repaired (Nehemiah 3:26).

Let the east gate (represents the glory) be repaired (Nehemiah 3:29; Ezekiel 43:1–2).

Let the waters flow through the utter gate into my life, past my ankles, past my loins, and past my neck (Ezekiel 47:1–5).

Make my gates of carbuncles (Isaiah 54:12).

My gates will be open continually to receive blessings (Isaiah 60:11).

I command the north gate, the south gate, the east gate, and the west gate to open in my city to the King of glory.

I rebuke all enemies that would stand at the gates and try to stop salvation from entering in.

I pray for the apostolic gatekeepers of my city to arise and take their place (Lamentations 5:14).

Let the gates of my life and city be shut to uncleanness, witchcraft, drugs, perversion, and wickedness in the name of Jesus.

I pray for the gateway cities in my nation to become gateways of righteousness and not iniquity.

Lord, raise up bethel churches that will be the gate of heaven (Genesis 28:17).

Lord, raise up apostolic gate churches that will usher presence and revelation into my region.