Father God, because You care for Your people and want all mankind to have life, You desire revival. Your revival brings life and nourishment, preservation and restoration. Thank You for sending Jesus to give us Your abundant life.

Lord, start revival in me first. I am Your servant and I place myself in position to receive revival. I feed on the Scriptures as a sheep feeds in green pastures because Your words are life to me. Holy Spirit of God, You raised Jesus from the dead and You dwell in me. So, I yield to You to energize my spirit, restore my soul and rejuvenate my mortal body. I renew my mind with Your Word. In my innermost being is a well of living water and I am revived!

Revival not only is life to me, but life to everyone who calls on the Name of the LORD. Therefore, I intercede on behalf of the people. I call upon You as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I call upon the mighty Name of Jesus. All of mankind needs life, Lord! All of mankind needs revival because it is life—Your life. I speak and sow seeds of revival everywhere I go. I send forth angels to reap the harvest of revival all over the world. I put my hand to the sickle to reap the rich harvest of revival in my home, my church, my community, in the marketplace, on the job, in my country and in all the world. Pour Yourself out on the people. Lord of the harvest, send forth laborers, positioning them in strategic places to minister as You pour out Your Spirit on all flesh. Almighty God, show Yourself mighty and strong with signs and wonders. Holy Spirit, breathe on all the people of the world. I pray this in the Name above all names, Jesus. Amen.