Dear Heavely Father,

I thank you for the opportunity for _______ to serve you on the mission field. I thank you that _______has taken your commission of Matthew 28:18 to go into all the world preaching the gospel and leading people to you Lord to heart and is actually doing something to fulfill this great commission.  Father I ask that you would first provide for ________ miraculously.  Cover all the costs of this trip over and above and let it be in abundance so that _________ will be able to bless others on the trip as well as the churches and places that he/she will visit while on this trip.  I pray that you will give ________ a submissive heart to authority and bring the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace among the entire group.  Let the mind that is in Christ be also in all of them. Let none do anything out of selfish ambition but that they will all look to the well being of others.  Give them a servant’s heart and spirit as you had Jesus. I pray that your Holy Spirit will lead and guide them along the way.  Reveal your spiritual gifts to __________ that you have placed within him/her to be used for your glory.  Cause ________ to be your hands and feet Jesus ministering to the least of these.  Father I pray for divine healing and good health throughout the entire trip.  Make _______ mindful of what he/she is eating.  Reveal your purpose for ______ on this trip.  May he/she be fully aware of Your purpose and be used to the fullness of it.  Make your giftings abound to carry out the purpose.  May he/she submit to your spirit and give honor and glory to your name at all times. No weapons that are ever formed against _____ on this trip shall prosper and any tongue that would rise up against him/her in judgement will be condemned.  May your warring angels surround this group every day on this trip and be with their coming and going.  I thank you Lord that You watch over them from their rising up to their laying down.  Grant them all peace and a successful trip, in Jesus Name, Amen.