I am blessed in the city and I'm blessed in the field!  I'm blessed into my down sitting and I'm blessed into my uprising! I'm blessed socially, physically, mentally and psychologically!  I'm blessed relationally, interpersonally, I am BLESSED, I  am BLESSED!  I'm blessed physiologically!  Every part of my life is BLESSED!  I speak into my day and I download prosperity into my day, success into my day!  I speak over those that I love, I speak prosperity and success!  I speak to my government  that they will come into divine alignment, that they would lead morally and ethically!  I speak into my business that my business is successful.  We are increasing and there's no decrease!  I speak into my home that my home is a haven of peace!  I speak into my loved ones that their lives are coming back into alignment!  I decree and declare that wealth and riches are in our house!  I speak into my mind, PEACE!  I speak into my heart, COURAGE!  I speak into my feet that there are paths that I can walk on so that I can overcome every obstacle!  I am the head and not the tail!  ! am the first and not the last!  I am above only and not beneath!  I am going forward and not backward!  I am loved by God!  I am chosen by God!  I am protected by God!  Today shall come into direct alignment with the plans and purposes of God!  Every good and perfect gift comes from God!  Today is my gift, therefore it will end perfectly and it will end good!  In Jesus name, AMEN!