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I commit to live a healthy lifestyle this day. I prepare healthy foods for my family and myself. I treat my body well and don't misuse it. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.

Therefore, I come out from among foods that deplete my body of essential nutrients. I separate myself unto God and I eat that which is good, healthy, and nutritional and that will provide the building blocks to restore my body and bring me to the state of optimum health.

I exercise regularly and my body is strong and limber, has excellent muscle tone and endurance. I have entered into God's rest and have ceased from my own works. My life is balanced according to God's perfect plan for me. I get sufficient rest, sleep, and recreation to rejuvenate myself regularly so that I begin each week refreshed and ready for Kingdom building.

I keep my body under and do not allow my flesh to control me. I cancel all destructive cravings for food and substances that threaten my health and well being. I speak to all junk food that comes into my presence. I decree that you have no power to control my desires or my appetite. I am free from bondage to unhealthy food products. I draw from the wisdom of God to direct me to prepare and shop for healthy foods and to manage my time properly so I don't fall back into bad eating habits.

I command my body to obey me and my mind to focus on the image of health. I see myself with a daily regimen and lifestyle that positions me for a high level of anointing and productivity to fulfill the dream and vision God has placed in my heart. I walk in the spirit and do not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. In Jesus' Name, Amen.