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Father, I thank You for the skillful and godly wisdom needed in offering my house (or other real estate) to be sold. I am preparing my house (property) in excellence that it may be beautiful and desirable as though I am preparing it for Your habitation. I am asking a fair and competitive market price, and will not take advantage of a potential buyer.

Father, I ask that You prepare and send a ready, willing, and able buyer to purchase my house (property). A person who has the funds available to pay the fair market value, pre-qualified and approved by a lending institution. One who has perfect timing of possession that fits into my need and his/hers.

Thank You for going before me and preparing the way. In the name of Jesus, I seek and pursue peace, thanking You that the spirit of truth shall prevail in our deliberations. I declare and decree that everyone involved speaks truly, deals truly, and lives truly.

Should there be anything that is hidden, I ask that it be revealed and brought to the light. Truth and mercy are written upon the tablets of my heart, and I have favor, good understanding, and high esteem in Your sight and in the sight of the potential buyer.

In the name of Jesus, amen.

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