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Then thou spakest in vision to thy holy one, and saidst, I have laid help upon one that is mighty; I have exalted one chosen out of the people. I have found David my servant; WITH MY HOLY OIL I HAVE ANOINTED HIM: With whom My hand shall be established: Mine arm also shall strengthen him. Psalm 89:19-21 (KJ)


In one of the most beautiful Psalms of the Old Testament, King David sings about the BLESSINGS he received because he was ANOINTED.


Very few people are able to relate their blessings to the actual SOURCE of those blessings.

They do not know where and how they came to be where they are and to have what they have.

It is an important quality to be able to think deeply and to recognize the source of all blessings.


It is wonderful to read how David ascribes all kinds of advantages to the Anointing.

He treasured the Anointing so much and would often refer to himself as ?the Lord?s Anointed?.


May God open your eyes to see the value of His Anointing on your life and ministry!


If more people could see what the Anointing did, they would desire it and seek it above everything else.

If the Anointing had such an effect on David?s life, you must expect the Anointing to have the same effect on your life and ministry!


1.       The Anointing will result in you receiving Supernatural help for your life and ministry:

David felt that his ministry as a king was helped because of the Anointing.

He said, ??I have given help to one who is mighty?? Psalm 89:19b.


2.       The Anointing will cause you to be raised up to heights in ministry:

David saw his exaltation as a result on the Anointing,??I have exalted one chosen from the people?? Psalm 89:19c.


3.       The Anointing will establish you in the ministry:

You can see a clear difference between a ministry that has been established by God and one that is not established.

King David became established because of the anointing. ?I have found David My servant; With My holy oil I have Anointed him. With whom My hand will be established?? Psalm 89:20-21.


4.       The Anointing will introduce strength to your ministry:

Many times ministers are weak in their preaching and ministry.

The strength of delivery and the power to change people?s lives is simply not there.

The Anointing will remove all sorts of weaknesses from your life and ministry.

King David felt he was becoming stronger because of the Anointing.

David said, ??My arm also will strengthen him.? Psalm 89:21.




5.       The Anointing will protect you from deception:

An evil that plagues people is deception. Deception develops blindness and hypocrisy.

?You blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel!? Matthew 23:24.

However King David felt that he overcame deception because of the Anointing: ?The enemy will not deceive him? Psalm 89:22.

May you be delivered from deception because of the Anointing!


6.       The Anointing will deliver you from afflictions of the devil:

David believed that sickness and other afflictions could not affect him because of the Anointing. You will experience health because of the anointing. ??nor the son of wickedness afflict him? Psalm 89:22.


7.       The Anointing will cause enemies who fight against you to be destroyed:

The Lord?s Anointed did not think the enemies were being destroyed because he was a good strategist. He did not think his military victories were because he had a great army.

He did not even think that his enemies were weak or unprepared.

David felt that he had victory over his enemies because of the anointing. ?But I shall crush his adversaries before him, And strike those who hate him?  Psalm 89:23.


8.       The Anointing will cause you to experience the Loving kindness of God:

King David realized that God was being kind to him.

He could sense divine favour  and continual mercies.

He believed that he experienced the loving kindness of God just because he was Anointed.

?My faithfulness and lovingkindness will be with him?? Psalm 89:24.


9.       The Anointing will establish you as a man/woman of authority:

??And in My name his horn will be exalted? Psalm 89:24.

The horn was a symbol of the king?s authority and the phrase, ?his horn will be exalted? speaks of the establishing of the authority of a person.

Authority is something you could take for granted till you lose it.

When Solomon died, Rehoboam his son was unable to maintain control over the country.

People simply would not obey him or serve him!

David recognized that he had great  Authority, which was a result of the Anointing.

David believed that he was able to exercise authority in his kingdom because of the anointing. May your horn be exalted and may God establish your authority and your calling.

May you find it easy to lead and to establish divine control.


10.   The Anointing will cause you to expand:

?I shall also set his hand on the sea And his right hand on the rivers? Psalm 89:25.

The Lord?s Anointed, King David, saw his ability to expand beyond the rivers and the seas as being a result of the Anointing.


11.   The Anointing will cause you to develop a powerful relationship with God:

He will cry to me, ?You are my Father My God, and the rock of my salvation.? I also shall make him My firstborn? Psalm 89:26-27.

You see, everything you have is a gift.

Even your ability to seek God and to find Him is a gift.

The greatest gift a person can have is a close relationship with God.

David recognized this and treasured the ability to relate with God.

Once again he knew the source of this gift. Long before the era of grace, he believed he enjoyed a father-son relationship with Jehovah because of the Anointing.


12.   The Anointing will give you something eternal:

?Also I will make him my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth? Psalm 89:27.

David recognized that he was receiving something more precious than what the kings of the earth had. Something eternal! Something truly valuable!

The Anointing will cause your life to have eternal value.

Your ministry will bear fruit beyond this earth and into eternity because of the Anointing.


13.   The Anointing will cause you to have a covenant relationship with God:

??And My covenant shall be confirmed to him?? Psalm 89:28.

Many people do not realize that God does not relate to everyone by covenants.

Do you have agreements with everyone you know?

Your marriage covenant and other business covenants are very special agreements with special people!

God chooses special people to have covenants with.

David believed he had a covenant relationship with God because of the anointing.

May you be one of the special people with whom God has covenants!


14.   The Anointing will definitely affect your children:

?So I will establish his descendants forever?? Psalm 89:29.

You can expect the Anointing to influence your children and bring them to God.

All experienced parents know that only the power of God can turn a child in the right direction. Most children abandon the childhood ideals that their parents instill in them when they become teenagers.

Soon you realize that only the power of God can turn the child in the right direction.

Depend on the Anointing and your children will be established and become a praise in the earth. David believed that even his children would benefit from the fact that he was Anointed.

Indeed the Anointing affects the children.


15.   The Anointing will give you a long-lasting ministry:

?His seed shall endure forever, and his throne as the sun before me. It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven?? Psalm 89:36-37.

Many ministries frizzle out after a few years.

Many things that we build have no lasting value.

It takes the power of God to cause things to survive and endure.

The Anointing will give you that edge in ministry.

Permanence and longevity will be released into all that you do because of the Anointing!