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Prophecy spoken in the 1980 Prayer Seminar at Rhema Bible Church through Bro. Kenneth Hagin:

I can hear the Spirit of God within my spirit saying you ought to give the most earnest heed to the things that you have heard today. For there are those who stand here who will shortly need the very things that were spoken here. They'll stand in desperate conditions and if they know not how to pray, they will be left almost seemingly forsaken and forlorned because they did not assume their place and pick up their responsibility and enter into the prayer fight. There are those who stand here today who will stand in need of what has been heard, you will need it badly. You'll need it badly. You'll need it greatly. There are those who stand here today that will not stand in this place again. Never will you be the same again. For you need desperately to get into your spirit what is being taught about intercession. For you will stand in need of it. Do not treat it lightly. Oh, Dear Lord, it seems like we didn't say everything we should have said there. What is that other down there? Yes, there are lives that are here. There are families that are here that even though you did not know it now, darkness is creeping in upon you. The enemy would endeavor to steal from you the blessings of God. The enemy would endeavor and would and will invade homes, your lives and your marriages, but to be fore-warned is to be fore-armed. Don't stop in your praying because things seem to change a little bit. Keep on praying until the full answer materializes or the entire burden lifts. Don't settle for 50% victory. Don't settle for 75% victory. Don't even settle for 90% to 99% victory. But settle for nothing less than 100% victory - deliverance from darkness. And then I could hear, yes, that's it. I could hear the Spirit of God within my spirit saying the end of the age; the end of the age is coming upon this generation. The powers of darkness, the forces of evil are rampant as never before and they will be increased in intensity and velocity and even many Christians will see and look upon those things and say, "there's no use" and throw up their hands in futility and say, "well, I guess it's all over. We'll just have to hold on and pray that Jesus will come shortly, for the devil is about to take over everything". But thus saith the Lord, in this day, I am searching through the Body of Christ to enlist soldiers in the army of prayer. And I will raise up a new band. I'll raise up a new army that will know how to pray against the powers of darkness and the light will dispel the darkness and the truth will set men free. And prayer will break the bands that bind men's minds and spirits and bodies. Yea, there are those that will learn to take their place and hurriedly. It must be hurriedly. It must be quickly. It must be that they learn that they enter in quickly to stand against the forces of evil that will come against the land, that will come against the church, that will come against the home, that would disrupt and destroy all that is good and that God has endorsed. But the hand of the Lord is upon those who will listen and the urge of God, and the urge of God is in the spirit of those who are attentive and the Spirit of God will help you to pray. Do not try to do it yourself. Though there must be labor on your part, yet at the same time, rest in Him and let the Spirit flow through you like a river. Like a mighty wave. Let it flow through you. Give vent unto those innermost groanings and let them escape your lips. Take time to get alone and to wait. Sometimes not even say anything, but only inside of you, there is an agonizing, flowing out of your spirit by the Holy Spirit to the Great Spirit, the Father of spirits. And thou shalt be sustained. And thou shalt be kept. And our family and our homes shall be sure and steadfast. And our children shall grow up strong and stalwart in the Lord and they shall have no fear. But you shall pray for thy neighbor here and pray for thy friend there. And you shall pray for those even in the church that have not come into the knowledge of the truth, making sincere prayer on their behalf so the light will shine. The work of God will go forth and the work that is to be accomplished in these next few days and years that are just out ahead of you shall surely become because you were faithful. That's what the Spirit of God is saying, Hallelujah!

Now I want you to close your eyes and lift your hand and say, mean it from your heart, don't just do it because I tell you. Lord, I'll be one of those that will enlist in the army of God and the army of prayer warriors. I will be faithful. I will be faithful in prayer. I'll be faithful in whatever place you set me in, but most of all I'll be faithful in prayer. I set myself this day. I make the decision this day to be one of them that the Spirit of God can depend. You can depend on me, Lord. Oh, blessed Holy Spirit, Thou who dost live within me. You can depend on me.

Prayer Confession

Prayer is my foremost business 
Prayer is my main business 
I will give myself to prayer 
My Father, God, hears me when I pray 
He has said in His Word, the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much 
I am that righteous man 
For Him Who knew no sin 
Was made to be sin for me 
That I might be made the righteousness of God in Him 
I am the righteousness of God in Him 
I am that righteous man 
I must see to it that my prayers are fervent 
I will be fervent 
For the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much 
My prayers work!

In Jesus' Name, Amen