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 Decide what you want from God and then find the scripture that promises you that.

How to Receive From God

  • Know the will (Word) of God for that particular need or challenge.
  • Get scriptures to support your request. Your foundation for prayer is the clearly revealed word of God.
  • Be specific. God was very specific when He created man, animals, plants, the universe, and the earth.

Ask God for the things you want, then believe you have them.

  • You must ask. There is no such thing as a silent or unspoken request. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. God's answer produces life in your situation.
  • The Bible states that God said, "let there be", and behold there was. It did not say, God thought.
  • Read Philippians 4:6.

Let every thought and desire affirm that you have what you ask.

  • Be prepared to stand 10,000 years if it takes that long for the manifestation of your answer.

Thoughts are governed by or controlled by observation, association, and teaching.

  • You cannot listen to everything. That means you might have to stay away from some churches, and from some Christian television and radio. Allow the Holy Spirit to be your guide.
  • Be discerning about what you read and who you associate with.
  • Never bring God's word down to the level of human experience. Every experience must come up to God's word.

Think constantly on the promises on which you have based the answer to your prayer. (Proverbs 4:20)

  • Do not think on or talk about the problem. Think and talk about God's solution.
  • See yourself out of the problem.

In your waking moments, think on the love, mercy, goodness, and blessings of God, and it will boost your faith.

  • Read Isaiah 26:3 - The word "mind" is imagination in the Hebrew translation.
  • Think about how good God is.
  • Read Psalms 150 - Praise Him constantly for what He is doing in your life.

Make every statement a confession of faith, not a confession of doubt.

  • You can have strong confidence in the fact that when God tells you to do something, you can count on His word.
  • Come before God expecting to talk to the Father and expecting that He will hear you and grant you the request that you ask Him when you make that request based on His word.