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Word of knowledge (Reveal something)

It is NOT natural knowledge that comes through study, reading or experience

It is NOT intellectual ability or education

It is knowledge that surpasses the senses of man


It reveals something in the past or present         

Works ideally as a faith builder                                  

Scripture: John 1:45-50

?Jesus saw Nathanael, then He knew ? that he was an Israelite, and that he was with no deceit?.


Word of wisdom (Reveal something)

Nothing to do with being wise                                                                                  

Not natural wisdom that came through education or experience              

Reveal a solution to a problem (finances / marriage / unsaved one) in a once off deal


Scripture: Gen 6:13-18                                                                                                  

Noah?s Ark ? God shared His plan and wisdom (as a once off event / deal / plan)


Discerning of spirits (Reveal something)

Not discerning of character        

Not fault finding or judging others

Not the gift of suspicion or speculation 

Not the gift of discernment (Natural ? right or wrong / safe or dangerous)          

To discern the condition of the human spirit (good or bad)                          

Scripture: 1 John 4:1-6   : 1 Test                                                                 

: 6 Spirit of truth or error                                                             

To identify the spirit which are behind different manifestations or activities        

Scripture                                             Satan, get behind me

Scriptur:  Acts 13:9                           Paul looked INTENTLY at him                                                    

Scripture:  Acts 16:16-18                ? many days    


The gift of tongues (Say something)

It is NOT               : tongues to edify or stir yourself

                                : tongues of intercession / prayer / warfare /worship  / etc


It is a message from God - given by ANY available Spirit-filled believer in a public meeting

It has to be interpreted

Scripture: 1 Cor 14:27 & 28


The gift of interpretation of tongues (Say something)

It is NOT translation of tongues, where it is translated word for word

It is the sense of meaning of the message of the tongues delivered

Equal to prophecy                                                                                                          

So that the church would be edified                                                       

Scripture: 1 Cor 14:5 & 13                                                            

The gift of prophecy (Say something)

Prophecy in greek is ?propheteia? which means - speaking forth the mind and counsel of God


It is NOT preaching the gospel                                                                                    Acceptance, love, sense of understanding

It is NOT foretelling the future                                                                                   Not always an answer

It is NOT for guidance                                                                                                     See potential in a person

It is NOT a message of confusion, criticism or condemnation                        Basics ? Jesus loves you

It is NON-revelation, in a sense that it?s not directional or correctional

It is confirmation to your spirit                                                                  

It must always be in agreement with God?s Word

Main Aim is to:  Edify ? build up or uplift                                                                Equity

                                                Exhort ? calling near or encouragement                               

                                                Comfort ? calming or speaking closely

Scripture: 1 Cor 14:1-5    Desire to prophecy


The gift of faith (Do something)

It is NOT natural human faith

It is NOT saving faith (Eph 2:8 & 9)

It is NOT the measure of faith or general faith (Rom 12:3)

It is NOT the faith obtained by hearing God?s Word


It is UNLIMITED faith for a specific situation / task

                Can be in a temporary situation (while ministering ? to drive out demon, healing, etc?)

                Can be for a period of time ? in doing as specific task

                The outcome / results are usually supernatural

You are emptied of ALL doubt and unbelief

Scripture: John 11:40      Lazarus ? Jesus was moved by their faith and compassion for their friend


The working of miracles (Do something)

A TRUE miracle must involve the suspension of the natural law

For example:     Feeding the 5000 (Matt 14:15-21) out of 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish

                                Dividing the Red Sea (Ex 14:13-31)

                                Floating of the axe (2 Kings 6:1-7) the law of gravity was suspended

Greek word for miracle means ?

                An explosion of mighty power

                A release of divine energy

                The performance that is contrary to the laws of nature


The gifts of healings (Do something)                      Equity !!!

It is NOT receiving your healing through doctors or medicine

It is NOT receiving your healing through faith in God?s Word

It is NOT faith healers or divine healers ? God is the ONLY divine HealerHeH

Supernatural impartation of God?s healing power through you

To cure diseases and heal the sick instantly

Being anointed to minister healing for specific kinds of sickness


Activation: One-to-one sharing

To hear and deliver a ?thought from the throne? that edifies, encourages or exhorts

Exactly as you believe you have received it without additions, applications or interpretations