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God wants to communicate

Understand that God wants to speak to you and that He is still speaking today.

It is an integral part of God to communicate with you.

God is a personal God who desires intimate fellowship with individuals more than a distant relationship with humanity as a race.

God wants to share His thoughts, His desires, His plan and will for your life (Ps. 139:17-18).


God reveals His communicating nature throughout the scripture:-

Book of Genesis:-

God spoke into existence the heavens, earth, animals and mankind

                    God spoke to Adam and Eve       Gen 2, 3

                    God spoke to Abraham                 Gen 21

                    God spoke to Jacob                        Gen 28 ? He wrestled with God

                    God spoke to Pharaoh                   Gen 41 ? Unbelieving King

                    God spoke to Joseph                     Gen 37 ? Eager to share his dream, got sold out to brothers

Throughout the Bible:-

                    God spoke to Moses                      Ex 3 ? Blue print to lead people out of Egypt

                    God spoke to Joshua                      Joshua 5 ? Sanctify your selves

                    God spoke to Samuel                     1 Sam 3 ? Samuel thought it was Eli

                    God spoke to Elijah                         1 Kings 19 ? Not in the earthquake or the fire, but in a still small voice

                    God spoke to Paul                           Acts 9:3 ? Confirmed by a bright light


Hearing the voice of the Lord brings us many benefits such as:-

John 10:3                 My sheep know My voice

                                    Brings purpose to our existence (we are His sheep)

Psalm 91:15            Hearing God?s voice brings protection

                                    Condition ? when you call upon his name

Joshua 1:7, 8          Hearing God?s voice brings provision and prosperity

                                    Condition to this word - Look for the if?s and but?s

                                    Direction ? do not turn left or right then you will prosper

Psalm 23                  Hearing God?s voice brings comfort and encouragement

                                    Also peace in difficult times

John 15:15               Hearing God?s voice brings intimacy and friendship

                                    No more servants but sons and daughters

                                    We need to grow in God to hear His secrets (different levels of communicating)

Rom 8:29                 Hearing God?s voice brings transformation

                                    Brings life, hope, purpose, direction and order where there is none


General theme:-

                    Is that every word of God has a bit more detail than the previous word

God?s voice is continually expanding, progressing and creative

                    Hearing God?s voice should be a normal everyday occurrence ? expect to hear from Him

You need an open heart and a desire to hear Gods voice

Hearing God is not based on works but on relationship

                    Not to exchange or do something to get something

It is heart communication, spirit to Spirit, give it some time to develop

John 8:38 - Jesus speaks only what He has seen with His Father

Jesus is the ultimate revealer and role model - in words, in works, in attitude

We have not because we ask not ? the word ?ask? does not mean to command, but to ask with a censure heart

Meditate on the word day and night, pray in the Holy Ghost always - which will cause an open heaven


Hearing the voice of the Lord

To hear                 we need ears

?Shama? in the Hebrew means to hearken, listen, obey, publish

Hearing implies, to have knowledge

Not so much to what the Lord is saying, but what the Lord is saying TO ME!

We hear the logos word, but need to listen to the rhema (revelation) word


There?s a saying ?Listen, or thy tongue will keep thee deaf?


To listen              is to give your undivided attention

                    Is the quieting of the soul (mind, will and emotions

                    Is a time of separation from the world

Is heart communication, spirit to spirit, mouth to mouth, heart to heart

                    Is an art to master

                    Is to hear the deeper thoughts of God

                    It is sometimes in the pause

                    Takes a school of discipline


Pamela Grey once said:-?For one soul that exclaims, ?Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth, there are ten that say, ?Hear Lord, for the servant speaketh!?


Ways in which the Word of the Lord comes to you

    Audible Voice    - familiar voice (Samuel thought it was Eli)

    Vision                    - see with your spiritual eyes, your understanding

    Dream                  - in the stillness of the morning

    Perceive              - as the Word of the Lord came to you

    Thoughts             - discern whether from God, or yourself or the devil

    Downloading     - not in words but in knowing


Examples of hearing God by getting your attention

    Moses -                Exodus 3:2-4                      - Burning Bush

    Elijah -   1 Kings 19:12, 13               - Not in the wind, nor earthquake, nor fire, but still small voice

    Daniel - Daniel 10:3-9                      - Fasted, saw the Lord, heard His voice in a deep sleep


God can speak to you through the television, radio, your children, and through circumstances.

Sometimes being at the right place on the right time is hearing from God.


Hearing God in teaching, preaching or in ministering mode

The prophet would sense a situation and would start to minister in that direction.  For those who it?s applicable would then feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit whether of sin, righteousness or judgement ? and then when they act on it whether to forgive or repent and to acknowledge the situation, then can the healing process start.  When a person would reveal the sin it will be you convicting the person and not the Holy Spirit.


Responsibility that comes in hearing the voice of the Lord - need to obey the Word and act on it

Gen 22:1-8              Abraham?s faith confirmed to sacrifice Isaac

James 1:22              Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves


Activation - Writing the thoughts of God 

To hear and record God?s communications to you personally

To develop you talking to God and listen to God talking back