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You get three different kinds of vision:


1)                                    Natural sight.  Your eye sight.  You see a bird, a car, natural circumstances. 20-20 vision.

2)                                    Insight : Greater measure of sight.

3)                                    Foresight : The highest degree of prophetic vision.


-The purpose of a Prophet is to prophecy people blind.

-He is a seer but he prophesy?s people blind.

-Blind to circumstances, blind to adversities, blind to natural situations, blind to problems.

-In order for people to see, they need to be blind.


-Acts 9

Declares that Saul of Tarsus had to be blinded before he could see.


-Romans 10:17

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.


-Heb. 11:1

Faith is being sure of the things hoped for, evidence of the things not seen.


-A prophetic person sees with their ears.

For example, I say to you a word, LION, what do you see?  You see a LION.


-A prophetic person is not one that operates by sight, but by insight.

For example, the doctor said you are going to die and there is no hope for you, what do you see?

Do you see yourself sick and dying or do you see yourself healed?  (1 Pet.2:24)


-So insight comes from meditating on the Word, the Highest form of the prophetic.   (Psalm 119:99)



If we look at Adam and Eve here, we see that they walked with God, and they were controlled by INSIGHT and FORESIGHT.

Why? Because they were not aware of their nakedness and they were not self-conscious; but they were God-conscious! 

Then sin came in, and it made them to be controlled by natural form of vision (they became aware of their nakedness).


-Their eyes were opened the Bible tells, but were they blind? No! They were just controlled by INSIGHT and FORESIGHT until sin came in and it opened their eyes. What eyes?  Eyes that are controlled by the natural form of vision.


-When God gave you eyes, it wasn?t given to you to be controlled by natural field of vision, it was to be controlled by insight that saw further than your natural field of vision (20-20).


-So INSIGHT adds Righteousness and GREATER perspective to natural vision.



Example, I see a person that is in sickness, but insight and foresight sees that person healed.


-Acts. 9

Exactly the opposite happened to Paul on the Road to Damascus.  He was blinded for three days by the Light and the Glory, in order for God to open his spiritual eyes (INSIGHT & FORESIGHT). He saw, while he was in this blinded state, Annanias in a vision (INSIGHT & FORESIGHT).


-Just like Adam and Eve in the beginning, he was not conscious of himself.  He didn?t even eat for three days as well.


-He wasn?t aware of his natural state.


-That is why the second Adam came, JESUS CHRIST, to change us, from being controlled by natural form of vision to INSIGHT & FORESIGHT.  He came to reconcile man to God!


-So SIGHT is this: I see a car coming towards me to drive me over, my natural senses says fear, so I fear.  So your status is dictated by your circumstances, therefore you have SITUATIONAL PERSPECTIVE, and that means that your natural circumstances at a particular place at a particular time controls you.  ?The car is coming towards me?.


-INSIGHT is this: ?What is behind the car driving towards me.  So you measure the situation.  What is the reason that the car is coming towards me?  Is the guy drunk, is he doing it to kill me on purpose is the guy maybe dead and so forth.  It?s a DEEPER form of SIGHT.


-But FORESIGHT is this:  I see the outcome even before the car comes close to me.  I?m going to jump out of the way.  So FORESIGHT is the GREATEST FORM of prophetic vision. To see into the future.


-Prophetic vision is to look and see through the EYES of Jesus, because He knows exactly what is going on in the Future!


-Proverbs 9:10

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.  Understanding of the Holy One brings INSIGHT and FORESIGHT.


-It comes by knowing God and Fearing Him, Worshiping Him, by living HOLY and PURE.

(Matt. 5:8) The PURE in heart shall SEE God!


-The Fear of the Lord is to hate evil. (Prov. 8: 13)


-We need to meditate on the Word, (Psalm 119:99) because it is the Highest form of the Prophetic.