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1.                        1. The Purpose of Prophecy:

         To equip and prepare for what the future holds.

         Progressive prophecy keeps the vision sharp. (Encourages the vision).

         Stimulates faith.

         Brings reward.

         Brings breakthrough.


Acts 2:16-17:

But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel: "And it shall be in the last days, says God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh. And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.?


  Many Prophecies can be given over a lifetime?

Example:             Abraham & Sara waits 25 years for Isaac

                                        David waits for more than 20 years to become king

                                        Joseph had to wait 22 years for his dream to be fulfilled


  It provides, but relies on obedience:


         Hebrews 11:8:

?By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out into a place which he was afterward going to receive for an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he went.?

         Genesis 3:17:

?And to Adam He said, because you have listened to the voice of your wife and have eaten of the tree, of which I commanded you, saying, you shall not eat of it! The ground is cursed for your sake. In pain shall you eat of it all the days of your life.?

         Genesis 22:16-17:

??and said, I have sworn by Myself, says Jehovah; because you have done this thing, and have not withheld your son, your only son, that in blessing I will bless you, and in multiplying I will multiply your seed like the stars of the heavens, and as the sand which is upon the seashore. And your Seed shall possess the gate of His enemies.?


2.                        2. The Condition for Prophecy:



1 Corinthians 13:2:

?And if I have prophetic powers (the gift of interpreting the divine will and purpose), and understand all the secret truths and mysteries and possess all knowledge, and I can remove mountains, but have not love (God?s love in me) I am nothing (a useless nobody).?


               Love deals with the past

               Love cultivates patience

               Love brings about obedience

               Love gives hope


         Positive attitude:

You can?t complain about the economy and prophesy

         Forget about the things of the past:

Focus on the future

         Walk in faith:


Hebrews 11:1:

?Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.?


3.      The Function of a Prophet

Ephesians 4:11:

?And truly He gave some to be apostles, and some to be prophets, and some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers??


               Apostle:           Fatherhood

               Prophet:          To encourage and edify

               Evangelist:      To produce believers

               Shepherd:       To Shepherd the flock

               Teacher:          To teach believers


               To edify, encourage and build up


               Is the Lord?s spokesperson:

Jeremiah 1:9:

?And Jehovah put forth His hand, and touched my mouth. And Jehovah said to me, Behold, I have put My Words in your mouth.?


             Is the Lord?s confidante:

Amos 3:7:

?For the Lord Jehovah will do nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.?


             Functions as God leads:

    Hosea 12:13:

    ?And by a prophet Jehovah brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet he was kept safe.?


             Functions as God?s appointer of leadership:

    1 Samuel 10:1:

    ?And Samuel took a vial of oil and poured on his head, and kissed him, and said, Is it not because     

    Jehovah has anointed you for a leader over His inheritance??


             Functions as the Lord?s mediator:

                  1 Samuel 12:23:

    ?Also, I, far be it from me that I should sin against Jehovah from ceasing to pray for you. But I will teach    

    you the good and the right way.?


             Functions as God?s translator:

           Daniel 1:17:

    ?As for these four boys, God gave them knowledge and skill in all writing and wisdom. And Daniel had     

    understanding in all visions and dreams.?


            Functions as witness:

   Acts 10:43:

   ?All the Prophets give witness to Him, that through His name whoever believes in Him shall receive  

   remission of sins.?


         Functions as layer of foundations:

Ephesians 2:20:

??and are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief



         The Lord?s instrument of healing:

        2 Kings 5:10:

?And Elisha sent a messenger to him, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and your flesh shall   

come to you, and you shall be clean.?


         The Lord?s instrument of miracles:

Exodus 4:1-4:

?And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me nor listen to my voice. For they will say, Jehovah has not appeared to you. And Jehovah said to him, What is this in your hand? And he said, a staff. And He said, throw it on the ground. And he threw it on the ground. And it became a serpent. And Moses ran from it. And Jehovah said to Moses, Put forth your hand and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand and caught it, and it became a staff in his hand??


         To stand guard:

Ezekiel 3:17:

?Son of man, I have made you a watchman to the house of Israel. Therefore hear the Word of My mouth, and give them warning from Me.?


         Is God?s example:

James 5:10:

?My brothers, take the prophets who have spoken in the name of the Lord, for an example of suffering ill, and of patience.?


         Makes the promise alive:

                                 Eg. Elisha and the widow?s child of promise.

2 Kings 4:34-35:

?He went up and lay on the child, put his mouth on his mouth, his eyes on his eyes, and hands on his hands.   And as he stretched himself on him and embraced him, the child?s flesh became warm.   Then he returned and walked in the house to and fro and went up again and stretched himself upon him.   And the child sneezed seven times, and then opened his eyes.?


         The testimony of Jesus Christ:

Revelation 19:10:

?And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said to me, See, do not do it! I am your fellow servant, and of your brothers who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God, for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.?


               It shows that the Word of God is the nucleus of prophecy.

               The Word of God produces prophecy.

               When we are filled with the Word we will be effective speakers.

               It is subject to our faith.


4.      The Value of a Prophecy:

1 Corinthians 14:4-5 & 12:

?The one speaking in a tongue builds himself up, but he prophesying builds up a church.   I wish all of you to speak in languages, but rather that you may prophesy; for greater is he prophesying than he speaking in tongues, unless he interpret so that the church may receive building up.   Even so you, since you are zealots of spiritual things, seek to build up the church, in order that you may abound??


               Edification- ?Oikodome? (from the Greek) - comes from ?Oikos? (house), and ?Domos? (to build).   It literally means to build a house.

               Exhortation- ?Paraklesis? (in the Greek) - to call together.   Mediator, Counsellor, Intercessor, Reinforce, Helper, to seriously request.

               Comfort- ?Paramuthion? (in the Greek) - to talk together, or speak softly with someone.   God reveals His Fatherly nature.   To be in a state of rest, relaxation and fearlessness.


Example:     Daniel 10:10-14:

God edified and exhorted Daniel when he was weak.   He was drained after 3 weeks of strongholds and confrontation.

Daniel 10:11:

??O Daniel, a man greatly beloved??

         These are soft, intimate and comforting words.