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 First Identity?then Destiny?

The Nature of our Identification

Romans 6:3-4 (Amplified)

In this chapter Paul was speaking to Christians.

This is the ?all of us? to whom he is referring. And he said that every one of us who are Christians have been baptized into JESUS CHRIST.


This is the ?Spiritual? fact that Paul wanted us to know.

The word ?baptized? means to be ?put into?, the result being that you are IDENTIFIED with and become ONE with that into which you are put. It is, in this instance, CHRIST.

This spiritual Identification or transaction takes place at the moment we ask Christ to come into our life.


He gives us the Holy Spirit who JOINS us to Christ, placing us into SPIRITUAL UNION with Himself.

The two of us have become ONE spiritually.

He is in you and you are in Him as a husband and wife become ONE in a physical union.


1 Corinthians 12:13 (Amplified)

Galatians 3:27, 28 (Amplified)

So being ?Baptized? into Christ means to be IDENTIFIED with Him in ALL He did on our behalf.

This Spiritual transaction takes us out of Adam and establishes our new life position IN CHRIST.

Now let?s examine Paul?s statement in Romans 6:3, 4.

First, he said that we are identified with Christ in His death.

When Jesus died, God saw us having DIED WITH CHRIST.

Next, we are identified with Christ in His Burial.


Then we are identified with Him in His Resurrection, so that God sees us RAISED WITH CHRIST.

The purpose of this Resurrection is that we should walk in NEWNESS of life.

Finally, in Ephesians, Paul added the last aspect of our IDENTIFICATION with Christ.

He said we are SEATED WITH HIM in Heavenly places.

Ephesians 2:5, 6 (Amplified)


Paul said in Romans 6:6 (KJV) that our ?old man? was crucified with Christ.

Who is this ?old man? about whom Paul is speaking?

The old man is the ?sin nature? that is within us.

Paul was referring to the self-centred rebellious nature within us that we inherited from Adam.

We are not sinners because we sin, we sin because we?re sinners. That is who we are?

This ?old man?, or ?sin nature within us?, naturally loves to sin. And as long as it is the ruling force in our life we will commit outward acts of sins.


Jesus said it this way: Mark 7:21-23 (Amplified)


Our problem is that we are born in Adam. And that?s not a good place to be.

We need to get OUT of Adam and INTO Christ!

The old Adam-like sinful nature cannot be reformed. It must be KILLED!

And the good news is that God killed it by nailing it to the cross of Jesus Christ.

Paul said that the reason God did this was so that the body of sin might be destroyed (Romans 6:6)

He was talking about our physical body being enslaved to that sin nature within us.

Our body responds to the Adam-like nature within us through outward acts of sin.

But if the Adam-kind of life within us has been crucified with Christ, our body no longer has to serve it.

So Paul said that when our ?old man? was crucified with Christ, that Adam-like nature was destroyed!

The word ?destroyed? does not mean ?annihilated?, but it means to be made Powerless.

When our old man was crucified with Christ, its power over us was broken.

Therefore we do not have to serve sin.

A person who has been crucified has no power over anyone.

Have you ever seen a dead person sin?

But why do Christians, whose ?old man? has been crucified with Christ, continue to sin?

Simply because they do not realize their IDENTIFICATION with Christ.

You became ONE with Christ in ALL that He has done for you!



Not only were you crucified with Christ, but you were also BURIED WITH HIM.

When Jesus died, they took His body down from the cross and placed it in a borrowed tomb.

His body was in that tomb for three days and three nights. God sees your ?old man? buried with Jesus in that SAME tomb.

During that time, His spirit man and soul went to hell. (See Psalm 16:10, 68:18, 88:6, Acts 2:27, 31)

This was required in order for Jesus to pay the FULL penalty of sin for us.

This penalty is death to the body and death to the soul.

Death to the soul is separation from God in hell.

God sees your spirit and soul separated from Him in hell through Christ.

God sees us IN CHRIST each step of the way as He paid the penalty of sin for us.

We were there because we are IN HIM.

That?s why we don?t have to pay the penalty for sin ourselves.

JESUS has already paid it for us!

That?s why you don?t have to go to hell.

JESUS has already been there IN YOUR PLACE!