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1 Thes. 5:23, Josh 1:8, Rom 8:5-7, 2 Cor. 10:3-5


The following short summary of the human brain will help you to understand why the renewing of your mind, through the Word of God is so important. The brain is the physical housing of the soul. A person?s thoughts work like a computer. Everything you feed it, it stores and can later recall again. If you look at sketch 3B you will see the following:


The brain is divided into two halves ? top and bottom. The top half is called consciousness or short term and the lower half is called sub-conscious or long term. The brain is also divided into four parts: A, B, C and D on the sketch. Let?s study these four parts together?


The ?A? part:

This is the part of the brain where you first receive all the recommendations i.e. everything you perceive through your five senses: e.g. Sound, sight, touch, smell and taste, e.g. What people say to you or what you hear. These senses are the teachers of the brain. The brain has no way of acquiring knowledge but through the senses. This is known as ?sense knowledge?.


The ?B? part:

This is the part of the brain where decisions are made, e.g. I will now either accept what I have received or observed in part A or reject it. Here is decided the positive or the negative. Every person can through the act of his or her will decide to accept the good or bad, the beautiful or the ugly or to reject it. Your consciousness negotiates and evaluates, accepts or rejects ideas for the sub-conscious.

As the sub-conscious receives the information, it stores it. E.g. if you say you don?t like that person, then you program your sub-conscious: this thought determines your conduct and life towards that specific person. That which is not accepted here is rejected and forgotten. That which is however accepted is transferred to part ?C?.

The Holy Spirit speaks to our spirit and our spirit talks to our intellect and our intellect to our body. The spirit must gain mastery over the five senses, in order to bring it into captivity, the mind must be renewed. Every negative thought should be rejected here in part ?B?, and only positive thoughts should be allowed to enter part ?C?.


The ?C? part:

Now the information or event is in the sub-conscious or long term memory. In part ?C? it is stored or filed because it must not be forgotten. This is the sub-section (part ?C?) where we meditate, think, and rethink about everything good or bad.

This is where people sometimes hide things and bad experiences to later recall them, e.g. People will walk around for years with a cold attitude towards someone who treated them badly years ago. This is where bitterness, anger and unforgiveness starts to grow and increases because here it is meditated upon.

The positive and the negative can also manifest through part ?D?. Your sub-conscious does not negotiate with your consciousness, it accepts only bad or good, i.e.: Whatever is stored in the part ?C? of the brain, is there permanently until it is removed.

The part ?D?:

Everything present and stored in part ?C? of the sub-conscious finds its way out through part ?D?. Now the person starts doing things automatically: we live, act, speak, re-act according to what has been stored in part ?C?. Part ?D? now acts everything out. Our whole life and being is controlled and regulated by part ?D?.

In Proverbs 23:7 we read, ?For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he? (KJV).  Every person lives according to what he or she has stored up in the sub-conscious. That is to say that we live the way we think.

Polluted thoughts bring pollution into your whole being. Negative thoughts bring fear, tension and unbelief. The opposite is also true, that clean thoughts bring health, peace and happiness. The purification of your thoughts will also bring about healing for your body. Thousands of people have been physically healed when they rejected Satan?s lies and accepted Gods Word as the truth. You keep yourself healthy by thinking healthy.




 What you think about yourself ? determines your self-image.

 What you think about someone else ? determines your actions and attitude towards that person.

 What God thinks of you ? find out and meditate on it!

 What you think of Jesus Christ ? determines your submission and love for Him.

 Every thought is seed and it will grow and produce fruit



For every negative thought, allow a positive word to come out of your mouth. Never fight a thought with a thought. You cannot fight Satan?s recommendations with your thoughts. Allow Gods Word to come out of your mouth so that you can cancel Satan?s words.


SOLUTION: Rom. 12:1-2, Phil. 4:4-8 and James 1:21-22.

Renew your mind through the Word of God. Declare / say / confess your status in Jesus Christ daily.


Col. 3:16a: ?Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly??


Renewal through the Word of God is not a once only experience. Do it daily!!!


My thoughts are renewed through the Word of God.


The Word of God is Gods method of planting only good seeds into my mind, and thus renewing it.