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Sonship is the key to accessing the Glory-Zone!


Let?s study this phenomenal revelation on ?Sonship?:


Galatians 4:1:

?Now what I mean is that as long as the inheritor (heir) is a child and under age, he does not differ from a slave, although he is the master of all the estate;?


Somebody has to inherit something and that is you and me. We are the inheritors/heirs. As long as the heir is a little child, he does not differ from a slave. If you stay a little child, with only the hope in you, you are nothing better than a slave and you will not get your heritage.


Galatians 4:2:

?But he is under guardians and administrators or trustees until the date fixed by his father.?


The word for guardians is teachers. (Gal 3:15-16 ? the law as a teacher to show us the way to Christ, but now that the Christ has come we are no longer under the teacher. There were teachers ? the law, the scribes, and Pharisees to show the way).


Galatians 4:3:

?So we [Jewish Christians] also, when we were minors, were kept like slaves under [the rules of the Hebrew ritual and subject to] the elementary teachings of a system of external observations and regulations.?


(Col. 2 has to be read with the last sentence of this verse).

Galatians 4:4

?But when the proper time had fully come, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born subject to [the regulations of] the Law,?


(When the proper time / fullness of the time came? There are 2 fullness of times ? this is the first one, the other is in Ephesians 3:10).


God sent His Son, not His child (Galatians 4). A Son was given, but a child was born. He was made Christ. When He came out of the waters of baptism, the Holy Spirit descended upon Him and God said: ?This is My Son?? Then He took Him on a high mountain in Matthew 17, and glorified Him, God again and said, ?This is My Son?? Then He raised Him from the dead in Romans 1:3 God said, ?This is My Son??


Galatians 4:5-6:

?To purchase the freedom of (to ransom, to redeem, to atone for) those who were subject to the Law, that we might be adopted and have sonship conferred upon us [and be recognized as God?s sons]. And because you [really] are [His] sons, God has sent the [Holy] Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying, Abba (Father)! Father!?


He paid the price to bring us to adoption to receive Sonship. He became the Savior and the Christ. His plan is that we might receive Sonship. That is why He paid the price. People say: ?Jesus died for my sin?. That is good to know, but what is the end goal, the purpose, what does God want to do?


God is looking for ?sons?. He is not looking for people revelling in the fact that their sins are forgiven, while you live like a heathen. You remain a child and a slave and do not receive your heritage. The heritage is: ?I want you to be a son; I want you to be an heir of my estate?.


Romans 8 also says that He has put the Spirit of His Son in our hearts, crying ?Abba Father?. God has sent the Holy Spirit  - that is how we started off ? that is the ?hope?. ?Abba? is the word for ?real?. God is now my ?real Father?. He is not my God somewhere in heaven, He is my Father and my Father knows what I am in need of before I pray.


The Spirit of the Son is crying ?Father?. Why? He is crying ?Father? because He is drawing us ?from glory to glory? to become sons. The Spirit says: ?Father?. Jesus said, ?When you pray, say: ?Our Father?? All over He is trying to tell us that we must reach for a glory. So when you pray, don?t just pray. Say: ?Our Father?, because I want you to realize that you are the son, you?ve got to go from childhood to Sonship.


In the Old Testament, children between the ages of 12-14 became ?Bar Mitzvah? (Bar = Son; Mitzvah = Law). Between the ages of 12-14 they had to be able to say the law (the books of Moses / Pentateuch) verbally in front of the Rabbi?s without fault. If they succeeded they became ?Bar-Mitzvah? = son of the law.


Jesus was born under the law, to take us out of the law, to make us Sons of God. At the age of 12 Jesus walked into the temple and asked if there is a scribe available and He asked for a Rabbi or a Priest because He wanted to say the law. They were astonished because He could say the law. He wanted them to say He was ?Bar-Mitzvah? ? born under the law.


18 Years later when He came up out of the waters, God called Him his own Son, not son of the law. He redeemed us from out of the law to become Sons of God. Sonship ? that is what God intended for us!


Galatians 4:7

?Therefore, you are no longer a slave (bond servant) but a son; and if a son, then [it follows that you are] an heir by the aid of God, through Christ.?


In Romans it speaks of the same scripture. We are now heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ. Not co-heirs, there is a difference. Joint-heirs means we are one. We are joined. Everything that is His is now mine. If He could say to the lame: ?Get up, take up your bed, go home?? I am a joint-heir and if I come forth in the glory, I can say: ?Arise, take up your bed and go home?.


?Yes, down to this [very] day whenever Moses is read, a veil lies upon their minds and hearts. But whenever a person turns [in repentance] to the Lord, the veil is stripped off and taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (emancipation from bondage, freedom).? ? 2 Corinthians 3:15-17 AMP.


Moses = law = flesh. A veil is over or faces if we are in the flesh or in the law and we do not stay with the Spirit. If we repent and turn to the Lord (this Lord is not Jesus, the Lord is the other person in the Godhead), the Spirit, the veil is stripped away. If I go back and allow the Holy Spirit to take rule and reign in my life, I have the ?hope? back and the veil is taken away. What happens if the veil is taken away, if I allow the Holy Spirit to take full control again?


With an unveiled face! As we behold the glory, that means we can be reflecting again, because we are looking in a mirror, at the glory. As we behold in a mirror, the glory we become reflecting again.


We are being transfigured. What happened in Matthew 17, Luke 9 and Mark 9? Jesus was taken up on the mountain and was transfigured. We call it the mountain of ?transfiguration?. If we do this, if we repent again to the Holy Spirit and get the veil off, we will go from glory and be transfigured to glory.


The first glory is the hope (children) and the second glory is Sonship. But we have to go back to the Holy Spirit and let Him have the rule and reign in our lives.


?For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God? ? Romans 8:14 AMP.